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Featured Artist – Hansen Soap Co July 29, 2009

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A few months back I had to find out what all the buzz was about Hansen Soap Co. Quite a few of my friends were using her products, and I constantly saw people asking to pick up her products on her Facebook wall. I decided to stray from my very boring, brown bag, cardboard box soap lifestyle and buy something yummy and exciting (NOT Irish Spring).

My first purchase blew me out of the water – it was a Lemon Patchouli bar – I got out of the shower and my husband was all over me! He couldn’t stop sniffing me!! He asked me what it was that I was wearing, and I told him it was the soap. He quickly excused me from taking up further room in the shower with the extra bar of soap (we have two kids – think multiple shampoos, conditioners, soaps for all involved)
Since then I have tried many of her soaps and creations – however my all time favorites are her soaps & tropical butter creams. I have been a staple on her front step, my daughter even recognizes the house when we pull up. She has wonderful scents, beautiful soaps and your skin will thank you for it (and your significant other!)
Her storefront at Artfire is just great for all users – you don’t even have to be a registered Artfire member to buy! How great is that??? Just select what you want and pay.
I’ve known Kris for years – high school really – she’s an incredibly talented and creative girl. If you ever have something custom you wish for her to create just send her a message. She’s a whiz. I’m very lucky to count her as a friend!
Check her out:

2 Responses to “Featured Artist – Hansen Soap Co”

  1. Hansen Soap Co. Says:

    Thank you for this amazing review Tara!! I love you 🙂 It was so sweet!PS: I have 3 bars of Patchouli Lemon left with your name on them 😉 LOL!!

  2. BoutiqueKarma Says:

    REALLY?? I think I have tears in my eyes!! lolI'm just finishing the last bar in my stash, and Sydney has begun insisting that I share my soap with her.

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