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the landscaping is done… kind of September 9, 2009

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Alright, last I posted the landscaping was underway. Well as of last week it was done. Now just to fix a few problems here and there (minor tweeks) and find out where the water is coming from.

YES you read correctly.. where the water is coming from.
Last night while I was sewing up a storm in the basement I heard the drip, drip drip of a leak. I looked behind me and saw that there was water dripping down from the ceiling. Quickly we tore away the ceiling to find that it was coming from the front wall of our house.. around the bay window.
Why was water coming in? We’re not sure.. but we’ve been watering our new sod pretty hardcore. They put new earth in our flower bed below the baywindow. We’re thinking that they may have put it to high allowing water to get in just above the foundation wall.
Either way it has put a damper on our joy of curb appeal (and less dangerous walkway)
This has also shut down my office space temporarily… much to my disapointment.

One Response to “the landscaping is done… kind of”

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