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Problems with Blogger January 6, 2010

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Well this morning I tried to be a little more creative. Hoping to improve the blogging experience here at Boutique Karma, I was looking for a 3 column layout and found one I loved and downloaded it.


Well, I realized that I could loose some stuff (and thought that I could just upload it again), however when I chose the layout I liked I didn’t realize that this other random girl’s bio was going to stay on my page. UH- NO! Thats not going to work for me.

So I clicked the link at the bottom to revert back to classic style and thought that all would be ok (minus all my gagets). Things didn’t turn out as I planned. Now I can’t seem to have the option to upload a different layout, I can not seem to change gagets (even though I’m working with one of their layouts). I’m SOOOOOOOOO frustrated right now.

Later this afternoon I hope to find the time to look up a fix for my situation OR start from scratch (not something I wish to do).


I’m leaving you with a cute photo taken Christmas morning over at my parents.


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