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Working out the kinks January 6, 2010

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Well it seems as though its been a horendously long day of setting up this new blog. Granted I’m using a pre-done layout & theme, but I’m still finding in insanely frustrating.

There is this weirdo problem using the text/html and it no matter what I try it will not display my Etsy Mini OR my Artfire Rapid cart. Now I’ve tried it many times, I’ve even tried closing Chrome and trying in IE (which I loathe). Maybe on a new day I’ll be able to get it running.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like the new WordPress Boutique Karma look & feel? If I ignore the Etsy Mini issue I’m loving it 🙂

love all the fun features and I look forward to looking into them all a little deeper in the future.


One Response to “Working out the kinks”

  1. simplyleap Says:

    Oh the cruelty! Apparently, wordpress does not support javascript (because it is used to sell things?!) much to my great irritation.

    I am left to ponder the options of a self-hosted blog, or a different platform.

    I gotta say, your site looks smashing. And mine is simply….sad. But new! That’s all, I’m new…I have so much learning to do.

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