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Wacked out Wednesday – in the Kitchen January 13, 2010

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I’m full of change this year! I’m trying to get out of my mommy rut by experimenting and enjoying being a stay-at-home mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my children, but sometimes I have to take the time for me. It’s a learning process.  All right, I admit, cooking a meal or baking isn’t ‘me’ time, but it sure beats cooking imaginary food in the children’s play center with their plastic chicken and peas!

This year I’m going to try making a NEW recipe every week! This is big (for me) and may include baking, roasting, or even slow cooking. I’ve become attached to my slow cooker so until spring you may see me making a lot of stuff in there!! I love the pleasure I get from trying out a new recipe.. sometimes to the groans or pleasure of family. This week I’m going to try a recipe for ‘Rotini With Creamy dill Meatballs’ from the February edition of Chatelaine magazine.  The recipe looks delicious, comforting and aromatic. The only thing I’m not impressed with is that it uses store-bought meatballs. I think I’ll make my own.

Here’s a link to the recipe if you wish to try it out yourself.

I’ll let you know next week how it turned out 🙂

What else was cooking this week?  Sunday for breakfast I cooked up a batch of french toast.

Here’s my recipe for a family of 4

8 whole eggs
dash of milk
tsp vanilla
a few shakes of cinnamon
2 tbsp of Grand Marnier

of course the Grand Marnier is completely optional. I like a thicker bread for dipping and cooking, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.



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