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Tweaking Tuesday – part deux January 19, 2010

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Hey all! hahaha.. I always wanted to say that!

Here we are at week two of my tweak. Lets just say that old habits are hard to break, and pain is even harder to shake.

Exercise: BAH! I did it only once last week. I couldn’t get into doing it.. my sciatic pain was too harsh last week. I have a feeling my physiotherapy caused a massive flare-up that brought me back to where I began. (I even have bruising on my back?!). I think the pilates might wait until next week realistically. We’ll check on my condition from week to week.

What I was really good at doing this past week was stretching. After my flare-up I continued doing my stretches and core flexes and ice. If this gets me moving again comfortably I’ll be a happy cookie.

Water – well I wasn’t drinking 8 glasses a day by far, but I was drinking more and conscious of my caffeine intake. We entertained a few times over the weekend and a glass of wine (or two)  clouded my judgement and allowed me to neglect my H2O intake! I’m going to work on drinking a pitcher per day this week. (Wish me luck)

I bought a note-book today.. the idea is to journal my food/exercise intake. I think this week I’ll keep tabs of my water & exercises (stretches).

Wish me luck in ‘tweaking’ this week! Good luck to you also!!


3 Responses to “Tweaking Tuesday – part deux”

  1. FrancesLee Says:

    Enjoyed the blog. Thanks for posting

  2. Sophie Says:

    I feel how you feel. Not so much the number on the scale… more how you feel about your health & well being of your body.
    Let me know if you need some support or a daily check-in for water & stretching, exercise, whatever.
    This weekend is 3 weeks since delivery for me so Im going to start walking Bonzi again and drink more water (which was more easy when I was working then now being at home).
    Its so easy to not eat properly as the hours pass by at home. I have no schedule like I did working 8-3 with 1/2 hour for lunch which I packed healthy. Its also easy to let time slip by and not find a moment to exercise. This is how I feel right now. I felt before baby (30wks preggo-delivery) I made that effort to go out, even for 20mins and walk. Can you belive I even went for a walk the day I went into the hospital??!!
    Anyway, I know how determined you are, I look to you for my motivation! You go girl!

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