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Wednesday – Tweakin’ and the Kitchen (I’m a little behind this week) February 3, 2010

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So usually on Tuesday’s I tell you about how my tweaked up week went and what I’m looking forward to in the new week.

Last week was fabulous – glorious even. I love food, I love the taste, the way it feels on my tongue, I love the feeling of a full tummy (not overly full – that’s not fun for anyone). Food gives me a certain kind of pleasure and comfort.. so I eat when I’m happy, sad, angry, anxious,  you get the idea. However, food is the culprit in many of those feelings – if I’m sad or angry it might be because I’m feeling a little lumpy that day.. and rather than entertaining the idea of a walk, I’ll usually turn to food. Hence the vicious cycle of weight gain.

Once I started journalling, planning and following a plan I started to feel a certain control over my life again and it felt like a weight was lifted. Sure, during the evening when I’ve used up my allotment of points (calories, whatever you may follow) I feel a little squirmish if my husband takes out a snack. I have to tell you though, I feel almost like I’ve come out of a depression. I feel more alive than any recent memory. I think controlling myself makes me feel better. Is this a positive thing or a bad mental thing that I should watch out for.. I’m not really sure, but as long as I’m not doing anything crazy – or dangerous – I’m ok with this honeymoon stage.

The part of the week that I’m most proud of is Saturday night. We went out to the Keg in downtown Montreal for dinner.. omg.. it was sinful. We had to wait in the bar for a table, and the wait was something like 45 minutes. We ordered a couple drinks (Hipster martini for me), then another, then calamari, glass of wine, surf and turf meal with twice baked potato, then my hubby & I split a dessert. Ok, this might sound a little (ok way out of control to you) but I blew it big time that night, carried no guilt about it and got right back on the boat the minute I left the restaurant. I enjoyed every taste, sip and morsel of food and had a fabulous evening out. I figure I have to live and enjoy every once in a while.

So last week I journalled, did my stretches, stayed on program (for the most part) and drank most of my water

Next week I plan to do more of the same and read up on the GI Diet (to add it into my routine)

Ever heard of the GI diet? Tried it? Loved it / Hated it? Tell me your thoughts…




One Response to “Wednesday – Tweakin’ and the Kitchen (I’m a little behind this week)”

  1. Kim Lapacek Says:

    While I was reading your post I wondered “Did I write this?” It sounds like the same thing I do/feel all the time! Good for you to get right back at it! Sometimes that’s the hardest part. I haven’t done the GI thing, I do WW and love it. I also just go the 30 day shred workout dvd and love it – you only work out 20 min but get a crazy burn! Anyway…good luck on your journeys. Thanks for sharing!

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