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New Mug Huggers in my shops February 17, 2010

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I love my new Mug Hugger line. They are so fun, whimsical and pretty. Selecting the fabrics, coordinating the buttons and taking the photos is so much fun. I used to loathe taking photos, but somehow taking these pictures have worked out great – maybe its the under cabinet lighting, but so far not a bad shot.  It is not often that I feature myself here or tweet my own horn, but today I felt like it! Here are a few ‘newbies’ to my shop.

Even though my linked product images will take you through: Etsy, Artfire & Icraft all my products are available at any location that may suit you – the buyer. If you see something that isn’t available at one of those locations – just send me a message and I’ll link it up for your right away.

Cheers & Enjoy a cup of coffee for me please!


Mug Hugger - Stained Glass

Mug Hugger - Kawaii

Mug Hugger - Turquoise Clover Dot

Mug Hugger - Olive Martini

Mug Hugger - Leaf Clover Dot


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