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Tweaking Tuesday – a confession February 23, 2010

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Oh how I dread hitting the publish button on this post. I hate admitting that I haven’t been following my own program, tell you I’ve gone off track, confessing I’ve lost control over my own eating habits. I could hide behind my computer and lie and tell you how fabulous it is to be in control and losing tons of weight (would you know?), I could just make this weekly posting disappear and hope no one asks how its going, I could even lie and post pics of myself from 5 years ago and say ‘look – I’ve done it!’ and only one of my readers (a good friend of mine) would be the wiser.

Here’s the thing, I run a small home business under the ‘Boutique Karma’ name, this blog is mostly professional but this is the little glimpses I give to you of my own life struggles. It’s a little bit of a tightrope walk because often I question this feature – I wonder if it is too personal. My friend (above mentioned) told me she loves this – and it might allow you, potential buyers, suppliers, virtual friends and supporters get to know a little bit about me. Makes me more than a shop front, more than a tree avatar or a cute mug. I’m not the only out there struggling and maybe you can relate.

Let me tell you where it all fell to pieces last week. I was being super good, writing in my pretty new journal, drinking my water (kind of) and motivated again. Then I found a recipe to surprise my wonderful dessert starved husband with. I thought it was a great fun idea (just give me a second and I’ll fill you in with what it is), didn’t take a long time to make and my husband loved it. It is what is known as a 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug. Thats it, you whip it up in a mug, cook it for 3 minutes in the microwave and you are done! 5 mins! Where is the danger in that???? Instant gratification my friends. How can I make it for my husband and not eat it myself? Seriously? Do you see me cooking CHOCOLATE cake and sitting beside him with a fat-free yogurt while watching these perfect athletic Olympians? So I had the first blip, then my husband continuously asks for it every night. I haven’t been caving, but the continuous whining and pleading for chocolate cake is killing my will power.

I’m having a hard time flipping the switch and doing better. I want to say from the time I hit publish I will be a super strong, willful & healthy eater, but I can make not guarantees. All I can say is that from the time I hit publish I will stop the mental mitchy (mean & ____ combo word taught by a dear friend)  self talk. I will put my setbacks behind me and try for a better week. I can do this, I know it. It’s not the winning that matters, it is how we get there… right??

btw – I’m going out for Italian on Saturday – this will be a planned free for all. I’m ok with that, Sunday will be a new day.

Anyone having a hard time out there? Anyone have cookies talking to them from the cupboards?

DREAM.BELIEVE.ACHIEVE words to live by




2 Responses to “Tweaking Tuesday – a confession”

  1. AliciaMae Says:

    I can completely empathize, sympathize, and grab a spoon with you. When I go grocery shopping there are aisles I can’t go down with fear that I’ll throw boxes of bad stuff in the cart. And sometimes I put stuff in the cart even though I don’t want to!! It’s tough to switch up habits. One a day at a time though, that’s all you can do. I try to do it in even smaller bits than that. Mess up this morning? Well, I’ll be good this afternoon. 🙂

  2. Sophie Says:

    Love this blog- has to be my favorite one yet.
    I hear you sister, I wake up everyday thinking “this is going to be my good day”. This morning I didnt even make it past breakfast… The maple butter I purchased yesterday was already calling me from the fridge as my hubby brewed my coffee. This afternoon I was all set to get out for a power walk, but I used the weather as an excuse.
    How do we kick our butts in gear? How does that expression go? Nothing tastes better then feeling skinny? I think Im going to print that, or write it out
    and put it on all my cupboards and fridge. Ill guilt myself into doing better.
    May your honesty and vulnerability make you stronger!! I hope you receive nothing but positive vibes in your feed back for this blog entry!

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