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Crafty Friday – Kokopelli March 26, 2010

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Many of you may know that pre-children I used to LOVE to read. Before work, during breaks, and after work you would always find a book in my hands. I would use almost every opportunity to wind myself and escape into the stories – many by popular authors and many unknowns. While in college a unique and fabulous book series was recommended to me by a great friend, she had read it for her anthropology course, Clan of the Cave Bear opened my eyes to a whole new genre of books. I read it with passion and have the complete set on my book shelf and intend to read it over some day when I can dedicate the time to it.

It took years for the magic of a historical book to capture me again. My mother in law recommended the book ‘She who Remembers’  and I fell in love with the characters, the story, the history and Kokopelli.  It was magical and special. Today’s theme is Kokopelli.

Many may not know of Kokopelli, but I’m willing to bet you’ve seen his image a million times without realizing the connection. Kokopelli is a fertility diety who is depicted as a humpback flute player. He was associated with many marriage rituals, spring, children and agriculture.

Southwest Plate Kokopelli by TheHeadsCreationSW

Green Tree Agate Handmade Seed Bead Choker Set by DancingWindDesigns

Vinyl wall art - Kokopelli by lostcabin


3 Responses to “Crafty Friday – Kokopelli”

  1. bleuvanille Says:

    Great finds, love the plate!

  2. Sue Lovett Says:

    I love Kokopelli, too. Thanks for including my necklace in your blog.

  3. You’re right, not that many people are familiar with the origin of Kokopelli. It is quite popular here in the Southwest. It’s my pleasure to be featured on your blog. Thank you!!

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