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Tweaking Tuesday – Passover eating.. ugh March 30, 2010

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oh boy, oh boy…

Ever been watching what you eat, been super careful and then there’s a special occasion/holiday. No matter how well-behaved, how motivated you’ve been, people will be chanting ‘did you try this?,’ ‘have another dear’ and my ultimate favorite ‘oh it’s a special occasion, it just once it won’t matter’. Well, the truth is there are umpteen special occasions a year.. if I cheated at each I would never get out of my rut would I? Think about this – how many birthday dinners, anniversaries, birthday parties, holiday dinners, date nights do you have per year? Think about the caloric content of each of those occasions.. ouch.

This week is Passover and we follow it in my home – insert groan here – and we give up everything on the naughty list for the full 8 days. It is brutal. The first two days the matzah tastes crisp, delicious, and you can make yummy little treats you haven’t consumed in a year (reread prior paragraph). After the first two days the honeymoon period has worn off and it tastes like sawdust, cardboard and like bland saltine crackers at best. Your body starts shutting down and you feel miserable and mitchy (this is my friends word – mean & ___ in one cutesy word).

I’m thinking this year, after the two huge, delicious feasts which kick of the week of Passover, I will take this opportunity to go a little lower in my carb consumption. Perhaps break my addiction? I’m not going to fake regular foods by using matzah & matzah meal – I will just eat meat, veggies and the occasional potato.

I can’t wait for next Tuesday – it will be a celebration. I can’t wait to put sugar-free french vanilla creamers in my coffee (yes that is what I am missing!)

Tara xox


2 Responses to “Tweaking Tuesday – Passover eating.. ugh”

  1. Steve Says:

    Well, I am not a member of the faith, but I feel for you. I’ve made the firm decision to eat what I want, and more importantly, avoid what I don’t want, to the point that folks think I am either wierd or rude. That’s their problem. do what is best for you, not waht tradition tells you to do. That’s my 2 cents and I probably owe you change!

    • thanks Steve – I definitely need to be stronger when it comes to my weaknesses and be able to say no. No one should be able to give me the excuse to eat something, I can do that all on my own. Thanks for taking the time to come by and chat 🙂

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