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Biz Works – Lounge of Commerce March 31, 2010

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Hi guys – I’m not sure if many of you are Canadian Indie business owners, but if you are you may be familiar with Beth Smith of Indie North. Daily she showcases shops from across our beautiful country, I’m pretty sure many of us know her. Late last year she started working on her passion project ‘the Lounge of Commerce‘ to help us shop owners become more successful by sharing tips & tutorials. I urge you to check out her site, which just launched this week and sign up for her newsletter – upon doing so you’ll receive this awesome ebook ‘7 Days to Awesome: Put Your Quirk to Work & Fashion Your Ideal Brand.’ I’ve read over the entire Ebook and just love it. What sets Beth apart from many others out there is her personality – she’s quirky, creative and fun, so reading this ebook isn’t like your average text-book style ‘build your business’ stuff out there, it is fresh and unique. Check it out – you have nothing to lose.

Over the next weeks I’m going to go through her 7 days and be personal and let you in on what I’ve realized about my business from reading this ebook. Let me be honest here – there is a lot that I’ve been doing wrong – there is a lot of areas where I’m losing out from lack of focus. I’ve realized just through skimming through this ebook that I’ve been trying to be everything for everyone which is exhausting. I’ll be posting this feature on my Thursday editions, this will also give you a chance to head over to the Lounge NOW and play along with me, it’ll be fun and we can compare notes.

See you tomorrow when I look and take stock of my ‘Brand Personality’ and we can find the little holes and try to patch them up.  (IE… what is that tree doing in my avatar – does it really say anything about my biz??! – NOPE)

Tara xoxo

here’s the link:


3 Responses to “Biz Works – Lounge of Commerce”

  1. Beth Says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to hear (and see) how you do! Good luck Tara!

  2. Beth Says:

    And thank you for the lovely complements as well!

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