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Biz Works – Week 1 – My Brand Personality April 1, 2010

Looking over the past year that I’ve been with Etsy (yes this year has FLOWN) I’ve changed, updated and worked on branding, but only to my tastes and with very little thought to fashioning a ‘brand.’ Just making cutesy icons and banners that I liked the style of. Reading over the ‘Taking Stock’ section of the ‘7 Days to Awesome‘ ebook I’ve realized the following things:

– my blog color scheme is cold, it does not reflect my personality or the feel of my products. My products are homey, cozy, feel good products and the blog works against that energy

– I need to work on getting some sewn in labels for my goods for a few reasons: brand identity, professionalism, and to allow customers to later find me again

– I have no cohesive branding: I am a coffee cup, a lone tree, a crayon roll up – I have to get it together.

– I want to ditch the tree banner & avatar (having problems with that one – my coding is for the coffee cup but the tree is haunting me on my blog)

– My packaging has to change: I want to use PLA Eco friendly flap bags, if I want to promote many of my products as eco-friendly, they should be packaged as such

– My shop is becoming to diverse in products, I want to separate my cafe line from my spa eye pillows into two different shops

… and all of that just from reading the first part of the chapter!

Now I suggest you head over to the lounge to play along for the next section: Homework! Beth put it all together in a really fun Glamour magazine style ‘who are you’ kind of questionnaire to get you thinking of your branding. So fun.. here’s what I’ve found out:

I love the color green, and most of my favorite places, vacations, and hobbies involve escape/comforts, and my favorite shopping place is fabric shops. How do those things come into my branding? Well – on my business cards my Boutique Karma title text is all in green and it should be as well in my banner. My products are all comfort/escape products. What better than the comfort of a cup of coffee in the morning or escaping a rough day with the relaxation brought upon by an aromatherapy eye pillow? The fabric shopper in me chooses the fabulous fabrics you see everyday in my shop – beautiful, trendy, gorgeous fabric. All of which I wish to keep.

The actual homework section of the chapter involves giving your company a distinct personality –

I am at a loss on how to describe what follows, I just urge you to check it out. I’m a little shy to share with your my scribblings and brainstorming. Maybe I’ll take a photo. All I can say is that I’m seeing my brand clearer than ever and if I were to describe it as a place it would be:  Central Perk Coffee shop – comfort amongst ‘friends’.


2 Responses to “Biz Works – Week 1 – My Brand Personality”

  1. robes Says:

    cool news.

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  2. Beth Says:

    Oooo…I love what you’re doing so far Tara! Great work! I love the warm, comfy friendly angle…it’s absolutely a perfect match for you and your brand.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have next!

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