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Biz Works – Determining my Core Values April 22, 2010

Last week I missed my 3rd installment of my Lounge of Commerce 7 days to Awesome weekly feature – did you miss it? Did you notice I was MIA? Well over the past week since I missed my feature I’ve been thinking about it and feeling bad that I dropped the ball. I work on each post for BK on the day it is to be posted, which is not how it should be done – most bloggers are days ahead if not weeks. I’ll be a procrastinator probably to the end.. this is my Achilles heel.

So here we are on determining my core values – Beth of the Lounge warns not to be phony and to be true to. She gave a huge list of different values and asked to circle the ones we hold true to our own values. Here are the one’s that I felt reflected me (in no particular order):

Accessibility, Community, Honesty, Loyalty, Nurturing, Pleasure, Personal Growth, Beauty, Pride, Variety, Earth friendly,  Simplicity, Sincerity, Support, Tradition,

Now I’m going to use these words (or some of them) in a series of statements that reflect the intrinsic values of Boutique Karma:

1. I believe in offering a variety or items of beauty, while nurturing a customer base through accessibility, honesty and support.

2. I believe in Personal Growth while continuing in family traditions of sewing and quilting.

3. I believe in taking pleasure and pride in my work.

Words left out: community, earth friendly.

I believe in a sense of community on many levels: I shop local whenever possible, and over the past year my local has grown to a world wide market of some fabulous sellers. My twitter group has also become very much a part of my virtual community. It is very important to me, and I just couldn’t fit it in.

Earth friendly – this is also a very important core value of mine. However, I could have put it in my core values, but I honestly feel that sporting a reusable sleeve may be eco friendly, but purchasing that coffee in a disposable cup daily is not very friendly. It goes against the same value I would be touting. I love them because they are cute, fashionable, eye-catching and as a side note better than the cardboard or double cupping.

I feel that I am running my business in line with these values: I am striving to improve my knowledge of my craft, I push myself personally to better myself, I feel that I communicate and try to cultivate a connection with other artisans and my customers. I offer a simplistic line of items with a huge variety of beautiful fabrics to choose from. I hope my ideal customer would appreciate and identify with my core values.

Are you a small biz? Have you checked out the Lounge of Commerce yet? Head over there and settle in and let me know what you’ve learned!


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