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Tweaking Tuesday – having a Wii bit of fun May 4, 2010

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Do you want to know what shames me? Insisting on needing something related to health and fitness and NEVER using it. This would be true of some gym memberships in the past, a bicycle hanging in my garage, some random dvds collected over the years, and last year it was the Wii fit. Yup, sat in the box, then I insisted my husband set it up for me in december. It sat in the box! We purchased it when it was hard to find because I absolutely had to have it and promised to use it ALL the time and I did nothing, nada, rien.

So last week over a year later I took it for its first spin. Damn am I out of shape! I think I stepped on the balance board for my weight and Wii age and it let out a little snicker & snort. It told me my Wii age was in my 40s (I’m 33) gave me my BMI (almost threw up) and I am determined to show shrink my little Mii character up.

I have to tell you – I’m not sure if their program works, if my progress will flatline using it, but it is amazing how in tune it is with my body & movements. Nintendo really created something special. I’m loving the step, the jogging, the yoga and strength training. I refuse to ever get on the silly tight rope thing again, and sorry Wii fit.. I instinctively avoid flying balls at my head (soccer).. telling my I’m unbalanced because I duck isn’t really accurate.

Do you have a Wii fit? How do you like it.. any fitness game recommendations?  (ps. I’ll probably avoid purchasing any others until I’m seriously using it a min of 2x per week for over a 2 month period)

lets be honest here – I gained 2 pounds since my last Wii workout – I’ll check in with an updated number next week.

Tara xo

So last week I finally took out my Wii for the first time.


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