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Wishful Wednesday – Go Habs Go! May 12, 2010

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Being from Montreal is a funny & special thing. I think we are born with a genetic connection to hockey on even the smallest level. I’m on one those crazy hockey fans who only cares or shows interest if we make it to the playoffs. So please do not think you’ll run into too many hockey posts or think I know very much about the game. I think this is something that will probably change with two budding habs fans in the family. In the 100 years that the Montreal Canadiens have been playing hockey we have won 24 Stanley cups.. (that’s a lot of frigging cups) however, we haven’t won the actual cup since 1993. I remember that spring/summer, I was in highschool at the time and the cheering in the halls, everyone wearing their shirts. It was so special, exciting.

There is something special in the air right now, it’s an excitement that is tangible in this town. You see it on facebook statuses, on the cars with flags on the street, all the fan wearing hats, jerseys and shirts, everyone is excited. There are no nasty statuses towards our own players (which is amazing in this twisted city). Everyone you see or meet up with can not wait to see the next game, even if it may (or may not be) our last. We as a whole can not believe we doubted our team, or how far we’ve come.

There is a lot to be said of the Montreal Canadiens dynasty. Love them or hate them. We were the most doubted team, expected to be demolished within a few games against the capitols, but we won. Expected once again to lose hard against Crosby and his penguins, but we are fighting and going into game seven. I believe that we can make it through tonight. I believe anything is possible.  I think the fans though have to keep it in check – why slander the other teams? Let me remind you that 3 months ago you ALL thought Sidney Crosby was a God, he was our hero & golden boy for winning us (Canada) the gold medal, scoring that last goal. Why chant ‘Crosby Sucks’ or call him ‘Cry Baby Crosby’? – I’d put a wager that many of you would pay extra tax money just to see him on our roster. (sorry readers – this is not an option). Can we make it 25 cups in 100 years? I’m crossing my fingers & toes.

Nope today I’m not wishing for some fancy stuff – I’m wishing for Game 1 against (hopefully) the Boston Bruins!

Here’s a couple of fun indie options for habs  fans (or hockey fans – the panties are available for most teams) for the finals other than taking the ‘nasty’ non shaving route:

MONTREAL CANADIENS PANTY Sexy Womens Sports Hockey Underwear Lingerie Panties Cheeky Booty Boyshorts Hipster ETSY by woopsydaisies

Montreal Candians 1 inch pinback button/magnet by Gnipmac

Red, White and Blue Earrings by HannahsHands


6 Responses to “Wishful Wednesday – Go Habs Go!”

  1. hannahshands Says:

    Thank you so much for including me in your blog… especially a blog post about the Canadiens. I am a DIE HARD Habs fan. Always have been and always will be so it is especially wonderful to be included here. Especially on such an important day. It’s do or die tonight for the Habs. Let’s Go Habs 🙂

    That being said… I NEVER liked Crosby 🙂 not even during the olympics lol.

    thanks again and GO HABS GO

    • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! We won! What a fabulous game tonight. I’m so excited our team is moving on to the next round (first time since ’93 when we won the cup). BELIEVE.

  2. hannahshands Says:

    yep that was an INTENSE game. My husband says he’s going to have to keep me sedated for the next round just to keep me off the ceiling lol. GO HABS GO

  3. Jenny Rowan Says:

    Awesome!!! I’m in Minnesota, where we too are born with a genetic connection to hockey! When my beloved North Starts left the state, I became a huge Habs fan – that is until the Wild started. Their my team all the way, but the Habs still hold a special place for me since they kept me going when Norm Green let me down. And since my Wild fell short this year, I’m going with the Habs. These are super!

  4. bleu vanille Says:

    Maybe I’ll need all 3 items for tonight’s game? 🙂 The earrings are so fun!

  5. Shirley Says:

    My parents were born in Montreal. So was I, though I grew up in Lachine. I have no hockey gene at all!

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