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Crafty Friday – Father’s Day pt 1 May 28, 2010

Tie for Dad in Blue and Brown Stripes - Father's Day Card by LeftandRightCreate

Pssst… you there, you reading this. Did you realize that there is just over 3 weeks left to get in your father’s day shopping? I know, its freaking me out, also because my little girl will be turning 4 that day also! EEEEK.

Here are a few handmade items that will rock Dad’s world:

Tulipwood bottle stopper by MadMoravian

Naturalchess Ebony by naturalchess

FATHER and SON...................Short Sleeves fine jersey WHITE T shirt with BLACK and GREEN Stripes NECK Tie applique.............ADORABLE FATHER'S DAY GIFT by SuperSweetCreations

Funky Green Martini Olive Shaped Throw Pillow by SofaGarden

Coaster Set of 4, Ka Pow Word Bubble by pixiepaper

Dad Fridge Flair Magnets Set of 3 by StrangeCandy

Robot Resin Soap Dish by stuffbyxtine

Morning Wood for Men - Goat's Milk Soap by WickedSoaps


3 Responses to “Crafty Friday – Father’s Day pt 1”

  1. Thank you for featuring my card! Great collection of items for Dad!

  2. Linda Says:

    I found your site doing a search. I just came from visiting your ArtFire studio, I love your mug huggers, I actually saved your shop so I can visit later. Wonderful!

    • Hi Linda,

      Thanks for stopping in and checking out the blog. I saw that you had hot-listed my shop and checked out yours as well. You have some super cute cards!!

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