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Tweaking Tuesday June 1, 2010

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I am back. I have avoided this Tuesday space for quite sometime. Call it an out of control spiral, an avoidance of reality or a changing of my priorities, but I’m back.

The past few months I haven’t been watching my food intake, however, I’ve been slowly increasing my exercise. I’ve been using my Wii (although it annoys me that it chastises me every time I stand on the balance board, warning me that I should check in daily), going for walks, and the occasional jog.

I’m back I guess to return to what I had started with. A changing of habits, not an overhaul to lose weight, back to making small health and lifestyle tweaks to a better, happier life. I think I started putting too much pressure on myself and ended up wanting to avoid myself and this Tuesday space. The result: out of control, an angry wii trainer, and the feeling of failure.  Lets face it, I have to live with myself, my body, my family forever, and I want to feel good with myself and not share my body issues with my daughter.  If I live a healthy lifestyle she will hopefully live one also, If I speak positively about myself, hopefully she will also.

Here we go again, so this week as we get into summer it is ultimately important to stay hydrated, so this tweak will once again be to drink lots of water. 8 recommended glasses a day!

Happy Tweaking,

Tara xoxo


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