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Wishful Wednesday – The perfect pedicure June 2, 2010

Ah summer how I love thee (as my feet quiver in fear). There is nothing I enjoy more than heading out to the spa for a full-out pedicure. Sitting in those lovely massaging chairs, with my feet resting daintily in the bubbling foot bath, while chatting with the pedicurist all while sipping on a frothing cappuccino is heaven for me. It’s a slice of bliss and self pampering that only happens in my household once every few months. So yes, I pay the extra 10$ for those extra perks. OMG it is so worth it.

So, since I’m in between sessions and unable to afford the luxury right now, I need some foot therapy. I have my OPI ‘Midnight in Moscow’ waiting for the application. Right now I’m crushing on this pedicure foot therapy and all that it promises right now. My little toes need the TLC.

This week’s crush is Abbey James Co. on Etsy, please check her out:

Fabulous Feet Foot Butter and Spa Socks Set


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