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Adventures in Creativity March 7, 2011

Wow, seems like every time I set out to start blogging again I fall short. It started with my pregnancy and sleepiness, and then time escaped me, later third trimester exhaustion. Now with my new mini Karma in the house I’m finally feeling ready to blog a touch more. I’ll be honest though, I think my blog entries will be a little further apart.. maybe once or twice a week, when I have something to share.

Recently I’ve found it hard to find anytime in front of the sewing machine. It seems my days start and finish without much of a break with my 3 kids bouncing around and eating all day long. However, recently I did complete a few special projects that I want to share with you.

A few weeks ago I had a baby shower and I created this super cute set: a diaper clutch with a coordinating reversible bib. It has inspired me to make more to add to my shop:


Diaper Clutch and Bib set in Zoology




Then this weekend my son had his 3rd birthday. He’s a tad Toy Story obsessed, I decided this year to create my own cake with mini toys on it instead of buying an expensive, overpriced slab character cake from one of the grocery stores. In doing so he has some little toys to play with afterwards. It started as a simple idea, regular cake with some figurines on it. Then I started looking at cake ideas and ended up making my first ‘artsy’ cake. When I say artsy I mean anything at a higher skill level then pour, bake and slap on some jarred icing. This is my ‘Andy’s Bed’ cake from beginning to end.

Eli's 3rd Birthday Cake - "Andy's Bed"




Creativity comes in all forms, whether it be creating stuff for your shop, making something new, painting a picture, designing, making a cake or even juggling the kids. How do you find inspiration? How what have you created recently?



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