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My Favorite Vanilla Latte March 24, 2011

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So its not always possible to venture off to Starbucks for a latte.. but its ok to fake it!

Here’s my recipe for a Yummy Low Fat Sugar Free Vanilla latte:

1 shot of expresso (you can substitute extra strong coffee if you like)

1 cup of 1% milk (or skim) heated

2 packets of splenda (or other sweetner)

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

Milk it all up and put it in a take out cup (or even Starbucks takeout cup) and pretend to have spoiled yourself. Because you have, right?

Tara xoxo

Pretend you just went out and spoiled yourself - no one needs to know you made it at home!


One Response to “My Favorite Vanilla Latte”

  1. Just the title of this one got me! I love vanilla lattes! Sounds easy enough… it’s defiinitely rainy enough today to go right now and try it! Thanks!

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