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Just Vote May 2, 2011

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Alright, I've sworn of publishing my personal political views. However, that is somehting like those horrible New Years resolutions that I can't keep underwraps.

I'm not here telling you how to vote, how that might affect our country or anything. Just asking you to get out to the polls and vote. I did a couple weeks back at the advance polling stations in my town. I felt sick leaving there, not knowing if I'd done the right thing or not. Never had I been so indecisive, never so questioning, never so afraid.

Here, in Quebec, land of the Bloc, seperation threats and nonsense, as far back as I remember its always been a vote for them or a vote for the liberals. Anything outside of those perameters has always been vote splitting, therefore a vote for the Bloc. This year I feel a change in the tide, people are voting their gut, voting strategically, and voting for change.

Unsure how to vote? Check out this quick set of questions based on the partie's platforms. It will tell you which party is most inline with your views:


Have you tried it? Turns out the party I felt best about is the FURTHEST from my views. I also didn't vote for the party closest, because I feel they don't stand any chance in hell of aquiring any momentum this late in the game. 


Anyhow, go out and vote. Wether it be a strategic vote, a loyalist vote or destroying your ballot. 


Make your voice heard!


Vote Button


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