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Mayhem on Cedarwood.. August 25, 2009

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Hey ~

It’s not very often I write about myself, but there is quite a bit happening over here at the moment. We’ve planned two huge projects for the year – the first being our front landscaping, second being our kitchen (to be done late October).
So the landscaping work finally started yesterday after many delays due to our MISERABLE summer weather (BOOO!!). OMG – I didn’t realize it was going to be so disruptive to my lifestyle. We have NO front lawn (we are regrading it), we’ve taken out many small/mangy bushes and are replacing them, and worst of all there is no access to the front door (thankfully there is the garage door). Our garage door is open full time so the workers can access the hose & freezer for the food/beverages, so I’m not so comfortable leaving the house for extended trips with the kids.
I’m not even sure if the mailman (or woman – a vacation sub) will want to deliver my mail (I wouldn’t).. hopefully she’ll leave it at the garage for me (crossing fingers). I have lots of goodies coming this week and don’t want to miss it – one being a fabric for an order on hold.
I can’t wait for it to be done! It will be so BEAUTIFUL! yay!