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Penny Art by WishUponAPenny September 17, 2011

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What are they worth these days? A penny.. they can be found at the bottom of your purse, on your countertop, at the bottom of your drive through coffee change compartement of your car, perhaps you even have a full jar of them at home. These days people just don't do anything with their pennies.

Until I fell upon Wish Upon a Penny on Etsy. I was surfing my Activity, checking out a cute studio, then I checked out their faves and found this. How cute is this? Penny art necklaces. Brilliant. Use those pennies, gift them and give them a new use (or value). 



Raspberry Delight June 30, 2011

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I love treasuries. It never fails to astound me the sheer amount of talent on Etsy and other indie artisans marketplaces. This treasury ‘raspberry delight’ is so beautiful and diverse and pieced together by Diane of PatchworkMountain.

Diane makes such beautiful quilts – you should check them out.



‘Raspberry Delight’ by PatchworkMountain

Poncho / shrug / shawl Rainb…


Wishing Flower Reusable Coff…


Raspberry Letterpress Coaste…


Greetings Cards Pink Purple …


raspberry pink glittered clo…


Vintage, Chandelier, Pink, C…


raspberry fern sachets


Waste Not Want Not Doily


Hot Pink Garter Belt – Mediu…


Mug with Filigree -Raspberry…


The Lilac Square Tray Bird F…


Art Card Spirit Wheel Print …


Log Cabin, A-frame, birdhous…


Reversible Raspberry


Raspberry River Salt Bar Soa…


Earrings Raspberry Swarovski…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


Mother's day May 9, 2011

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This year for mother's day I picked up a few gorgeous vintage clay pots from a garage sale and had the children paint them (with washable paint). We then picked a few plants and placed them in the pots for my mom, my mother in law and my grandmother.

I chose a really pretty flower called a 'Fire Witch' in cheddar pink. As a relative of the carnation it has a nice fragrance, the unusual blue grey stems and a gorgeous flower. I did remind the moms that the name of the flower has nothing to do with my feelings towards them. 

Sadly, being the prepared mom that I am (insert snicker here), I neglected to take any photos.


Here's a photo of the flower from Flikr


Firewitch Dianthus


Montage Monday – Somewhere over the rainbow May 10, 2010

I must be feeling a little nostalgic with the release of yet another Robin Hood movie. Since viewing the preview I’ve been thinking of all my childhood favorite movies and of course the Wizard of Oz came to mind. I just loved the movie, the cinematography, the music, the characters and ahhhhh the color when it first appears on the screen! Movie Magic at its best.

Im The BAD WITCH Sign by CountryWorkshop

Womens Crochet Mary Jane Slippers-Ruby Red by cari4jc1

Rainbow Marquis Keychain by RedPanda

Earrings . Twisted Tornado . The Short Version . Sterling Silver by vickiorion

PRINT-NO BRAIN-Wizard of Oz Scarecrow-Gothic Fantasy Art-8.5x11 by gossamerfaery

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Original Artwork Printed Coffee Mug - There's no place like home by reallchic


Montage Monday – Budding Beauty April 26, 2010

Ah, Monday, another week beginning. This is the first day of my week, 5 more days until the next weekend, 5 more days until another month.

I remember growing up and my mother telling me ‘time will go so fast when you get older, take your time growing up.’ Was she ever right! I can’t believe that winter already past and that spring is here and the leaves are quickly budding on all the tress and my magnolia which I planted last fall already has a few flowers about to open. Before I know it I will be practically copying this posting to tell you how I can’t believe it is snowing already. I know what you are thinking right now.. shhhhh Tara… don’t jinx it. So, without further ado, here’s my ode to the budding beauty of Spring.

Bee Mine - Set of 6 Small 4 Petal Pinwheels by twirliewhirlies

Yellow Blown Glass Hollow Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings - Lemonade by GlassRiverJewelry

Brilliant Lampwork Bracelet with Sterling Silver by SwirlJewels

wall vase wooden jar AVOCADO GREEN by OldNewAgain

Blooming Lavendar Vegan Cupcake Soap by ajsweetsoap

Pink and White Barn Birdhouse by AmericanGirl51

Poppies by lilypang


Crafty Friday – Reflections April 15, 2010

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My Blogfire team theme is Reflections this week and I wanted to incorporate it into a little Montage of cool items that I’ve found:

Sterling necklace - Reflected branches by electrofork

A Dog's Reflection of Life PRINT 8x10 by ArtgasmDesign

Reflections in the Pond Ring in Sterling Silver and Green Sapphire, Size 6 by Ggestalt

Business on the go by Viktor Kis

Cinderella. Love story, fairytale, whimsical, magical mirror necklace with swavorski crystal and rosebud by Japonicas

Rustic MIRROR, mirror on the wall - who's the fairest . . . by lichenwoods

"She Walks In Beauty" Classic Poetry Inscribed Ring . order in whole, half and quarter sizes . Add whatever poetry or phrase you like by Christen Largent

In a Pond Darkly - Fine Art Photo - Still Life - Macro - Square Format Photos by theeye


Crafty Friday – Early Spring March 5, 2010

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Yesterday my sister took her son during spring break to the Ste Anne de Bellevue Eco Museum, a private, non-profit, 11.3 hectare educational wildlife park – operated by the St. Lawrence Valley Natural History Society – where you can take a stroll with or without the children year round and view beautiful animals in their natural habitats. ┬áMy children love it there, my daughter especially could watch the otter swim for hours on end, although she often reminds me that she doesn’t like porcupines because they are stinky (and they are!).

My sister had a rare surprise yesterday, never before had the black bears come out of hibernation so early! It must have been quite the event because even local television reporters were running amok asking for interviews. I have a fabulous feeling this means our glorious weather is here to stay! The snow on my front lawn is patchy at best, the roads are nasty and dirty and daily I see more children out on their bicycles (still getting stuck in little pieces of ice). I love this feeling, it takes me out of a my yearly winter blues funk.

Today’s Crafty Friday feature is things that make me feel like spring –

:: SPRING IN A POT ... wheat grass garden kit :: by Bunnie

Spring Bluebirds and Flowers Cotton Print and White Cotton Chenille Dish Towel/Cloth Set by MamasBabyLove

Emerald Spring, Handmade Lampwork, Sterling Silver Chain Necklace by OVGillies

Spring Blossom Double chain necklace by LittleWhiteDresser

Swarovski Heart Earrings - Peridot by Krystallized

Crochet Strawberries Coasters - pink set of 4 by MonikaDesign

Water Lily on Black - 8x10 by InletImages