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Earth Day FREE Shipping April 22, 2011

Did I say FREE Shipping? Oh yes I didi! Today only, for Earth Day, I'll be picking up the Canada Post tab and shipping any coffee sleeve to you. I'm helping you make the switch from the old carboard slippy sleeve or double cupping. Check out my selection and I'm sure you'll find one that will suit your style.

How are you celebrating Earth Day this year? Are you making any changes? Driving less? Using less power?

check out this link –>>



Tara xoxo


Link Love – Swirl Jewels June 7, 2010

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Let me introduce you to Trish of Swirl Jewels – a fabulous seller on Artfire hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. Right now everything from her store is currently marked down by 20% until June 16th – so take advantage of some gorgeous jewelry at a fabulous price.

Here are some of my favorite items:

Green Kingman Turquoise Bracelet

Floral Lampwork and Silver Bracelet

Khaki Kool Lampwork and Silver Bracelet


Montage Monday – To Mom with Love May 3, 2010

Here’s another installment of beautiful, functional and lovely handmade items for mom. I found these gorgeous ideas around the popular indie venues:

Mom's Nest (c) - Set of 3 name stones in bird nest by Mom's Nest (c) - sjengraving

Island Lime Handmade Bath Salts 5oz by ConcordSoap

Like Mother Like Daughter Bellissima Hostess Apron Duet in Starling by Bellastyle

Handmade clutch purse - retro flower vines on orange by oktak

Necklace fabric Rose Red Upcycled Eco Friendly Scarf Cotton by alterdelenda

Iphone /Ipod/Cellphone/Camera Case/Cozy/Cover by pomella

Escapee airplant terrarium kit by terradctl by terradctl

Mothers Day Card // The List by PaperMango


Montage Monday – Budding Beauty April 26, 2010

Ah, Monday, another week beginning. This is the first day of my week, 5 more days until the next weekend, 5 more days until another month.

I remember growing up and my mother telling me ‘time will go so fast when you get older, take your time growing up.’ Was she ever right! I can’t believe that winter already past and that spring is here and the leaves are quickly budding on all the tress and my magnolia which I planted last fall already has a few flowers about to open. Before I know it I will be practically copying this posting to tell you how I can’t believe it is snowing already. I know what you are thinking right now.. shhhhh Tara… don’t jinx it. So, without further ado, here’s my ode to the budding beauty of Spring.

Bee Mine - Set of 6 Small 4 Petal Pinwheels by twirliewhirlies

Yellow Blown Glass Hollow Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings - Lemonade by GlassRiverJewelry

Brilliant Lampwork Bracelet with Sterling Silver by SwirlJewels

wall vase wooden jar AVOCADO GREEN by OldNewAgain

Blooming Lavendar Vegan Cupcake Soap by ajsweetsoap

Pink and White Barn Birdhouse by AmericanGirl51

Poppies by lilypang


Link Love – CraftyBabyHope April 25, 2010

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Today I’m going to introduce you to Jennifer of CraftyBabyHope the designer and creative girl behind the items in her store on Artfire, where her slogan is ‘Jewelry for Hope, Hope for the Future’.  She has always loved crafts and creating new things since she was a small child. She enjoys working with her hands, learning new things and l loves working with wire and polymer clay. There are not many artists that I’ve come across who create items who have such touching causes. Her cause is something very special and touching – they go towards infertility treatments.

Here’s a little bit of her story:

“I live in Arizona and it gets SUPER hot in the summer. So hot that I stay indoors until the sun goes down.LOL I grew up in Mississippi where I met my wonderful husband. Shortly after we got married we moved to Sunny Arizona. After 5 years of marriage we had our wonderful son. When my son was 5 years old we started trying for another child. After 4 miscarriages we are still trying desperately to expand our family. I have been diagnosed with secondary infertility as well as MTHFR, PCOS, Endometriosis and hypothyroidism. My husband and I are going on 15 years of marriage. I am 34 years old going on 35 so time is running out. My hope is to be able to raise enough money from my studio sales to pay for at least one round of IVF (in-vitro fertilization).”

Please stop by her shop and see all the wonderful things she has for sale:
Kawaii Polymer Clay Doughnut Hair Barrettes Clips Set of 2

Funky Swirl Wire Wrapped Cuff Bracelet

Your Hearts Desire Handmade Necklace and Earring Set, Polymer Clay


Aromatherapy Eye Pillows March 4, 2010

Eye Pillow - Sophie's Garden in Green by BoutiqueKarma

Last year I expanded my line to include my aromatherapy eye pillows, and honestly they’ve become my best seller item. I made them for a few reasons, the first being that I was nursing my son and I suffered from wicked migraines.  I kept my eye pillow in the freezer and would pop it out on upon demand to soothe, relax and ease the pain. Because during pregnancy & nursing you are not supposed to take anything. My eye pillows are filled with equal parts of flaxseed, lentils and dried lavender flowers. They are absolutely heavenly. I recommend placing them in the freezer for 2 hours for ultimate relief. The lavender scent has a natural ability to soothe and bring upon sleep and relaxation.

I recommend my eye pillows for a great number of things: migraine relief, sinus pain, relaxation, pampering, meditation, bumps & bruises, etc.  You do not need to be pregnant or nursing to benefit from this item. It makes a wonderful gift and is completely natural.

Here’s a few fun facts about lavender:

did you know that Lavender Essential oil

a. has both Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

b. can soothe and heal mosquito bites

c.  can soothe headaches

d.  can be made into a night-time tea to relax and sleep

e.  can be used to treat burns

f.  is being used frequently in food:  honey, cakes and is used in the popular ‘herbes de provence’ herb blend from France

Eye Pillow - Orchid Roundabout by Boutiquekarma

I’ve also created a line of BoBo Pillows (or boo boo), it is for the little ones who may fall and hurt themselves. They are also made to be cold out of the freezer to soothe all the bumps and bruises that little kids seem to have. Because it is not an actual ice pack, rather a pillow stuffed with flaxseed and a touch of lavender, they are soothing and cold, rather than painfully cold. The lavender also soothes their frazzled nerves. They are just a super popular item with kids.

Pet Deere BoBo Pillow - BoutiqueKarma

Over the coming months I will be extending my Aromatherapy line into a full Spa line to include many bath and body essentials. I will update you with a link to this new shop when I make my new line live.


Crafty Friday February 19, 2010

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As I peruse the bountiful items on Etsy, Artfire & Icraft  I am always shocked and impressed with what I see. Many of you have such creative minds, and maybe sometimes I don’t understand the work, but I can always appreciate the work and imagination that goes on behind it. I love sewing, it is more technical – I get to be more creative with fabrics, threads, combinations of colors & accessories. I have never been able to draw very much outside of stick men & cutesy doodle flowers, nor have I been able to work with clay or pottery (successfully).

I once to a pottery class in college. I had so much fun spinning on the wheel trying to make a set of 12 identical mugs.. I took many, many tries and they looked similar, but not like a unified set. I can appreciate the work that goes into pottery & clay models. It takes very skilled hands to perfect these arts – the details that goes into them is just unbelievable. While I wish I could go back and try it again, feel the clay rippling under my hands, I know this was not my calling.

Here are a few clay inspired items to start off your day:

Pink and White Swirly Polymer Clay Heart with Organza Necklace by PositivelyCharmingThings

Mom-to-be Moment by missnatch

2 heart shaped stoneware bowls - pottery by ugabugabowls

Little Critters - Handmade Polymer Clay Buttons (8) by kimmieprout

Bird House, Polymer clay Bowl, handmade by Karin Noyes for gallerybyharvestgold

OOAK Polymer Clay Pixie by FantasyClay

Face Mug - Tomato Red by EdanSchwartzPottery


Craft Friday – Charitable Stores February 12, 2010

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A few weeks ago, after the horrifying earthquakes in Haiti I pledged 20% of all sales from my store to Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontiers for relief in the area. I did a special feature on different stores giving to this cause. Today I want to showcase other stores giving to different causes. I was inspired for this feature by one of my Guild Members (as a seller on Etsy & Artfire I belong to a few teams/guilds) on Artfire who has a line of her jewelry dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness.

I know that Haiti will need ongoing support over the long run, but at the end of this month I’ll be changing my charity to something closer to my heart. My father has Colorectal Cancer, one of the cancers that are seldom discussed. I’d like to donate 10% of my sales to the support to the Canadian Cancer Society. As of March 1st I will keep a tally on my front page to show how much we have raised.

Here are a selection of a few Etsy & Artfire Artisans who are trying to make a difference:

Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet by Tali's Creations on Artfire. Her breast cancer awareness line is made in loving memory of her sister who passed away from breast Cancer in 1998.

Survivor - Awareness Silver Reversible Pendant Necklace - Janes Hope Collection by 2BellesandaBead on Artfire

Autism Awareness Ribbon with Yellow Hand by JodisCraftEmporium on Artfire

Rescued Princess Fleece Dog Sweater ~ Promote ADOPTION! xs by SpoiledBratzwear. Proceeds go to her animal rescue organization.

The Dreamer - Team In Training- Proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by sidrasboutique on Etsy

Daisy Party Favor Box - Custom Colors - Proceeds Benefit the American Cancer Society by LamaWorks on Etsy

pink hope note cards (8) by inkandenvelopes on Etsy

Blue Ribbon Colon Cancer Awareness Beaded Flower ID Lanyard Badge Holde by Lanyardsforthecause on etsy


Because I Love You Sale – This Valentine’s Day weekend only!! February 11, 2010

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Valentine’s day is the perfect weekend to say I love. This year I want to say I love you to everyone who has taken part in the Boutique Karma journey. For all those who have purchased, followed, hearted, twittered, fanned me, etc. Even to those who may have just stumbled upon me today.

This weekend I’m offering my first blogged & fan page event, it is the perfect sale to launch and gain exposure for my new Cafe / Coffee Shop line:

Here’s the details:

I’ll be giving everyone who purchases between now and Monday morning a free coffee cuff of their choice with the purchase of $10+ from my shop. In the notes to seller please mark the coffee cuff of your choice. Thats it, no hidden details. Just make the purchase and mark down which one you’d like. This sale is applicable in my Etsy or Artfire shops 😀   Many of my coffee cuff are one of a kind to my store, if the coffee cuff you’d like has been ordered already I may contact your for your second choice.

So please get your shop on and head over to my Artfire or Etsy shops and put in your order.

Coffee Cuff - Orchid Roundabout

Daisy Dream Coffee Cuff

Daisy Dream Coffee Cuff

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow - Sophies Garden in Fuchsia


Travelling Tuesday – Montreal February 9, 2010

MONTREAL - 12 X 12 Black and White Fine Art Photography by aroldblanchet on Etsy

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, the skies are blue, the ground is a beautiful sparkling white. From the indoors its perfect, outside however it is a brutal, fresh cold that accost you the moment you exit the door. I love the beauty of winter, but have a hard time adjusting to the cold weather. I think I am destined for warmer climates, but ended up blessed with the 4 perfect seasons of Montreal. Honestly, I think Montreal is the perfect of cities, beautifully planted island in driving distance of everything. With our fluently bilingual residents (for the most part) its like a fabulous extension of Europe planted in North America. It is beautiful in any language.

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Montreal? What were your thoughts? Did you have a chance to visit our famous bakeries, restaurants and shopping? Did you visit le Vieux Port (old port)? Did you have a chance to see our gorgeous and famous ski hills such as Tremblant?

Here’s a little dedication to Montreal the city & its wonderful collection of artisans:

Montreal Vintage Map Domino Pendant with Chain by hellobrowneyes on Etsy

Skier Downhill Vinyl Wall Decal by swampworx on Etsy

I also want to share with you a few Montreal based Etsy & Atfire sellers who’s work is stunning:

mini global blends spice kit. favorite flavors from around the world by purposedesign on Ety

Just Under Your Nose... by melaniefavreau on Etsy

Long Chunky Crazy Blue Lace Agate Necklace by minaude on Artfire

Organic Cotton Burp Cloths, Set of Two in Black and White by organicquiltcompany on Etsy

BRACELET - Quartz and Silver Cuff by heavenlyflower on Artfire

Cupcake iPhone Cozy by yummypocket on Etsy

RED 3 (special for Valentine's Day) by PacoandLupe on Etsy

Coffee Cuff - Noted by Boutiquekarma on Etsy