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Crafty Friday – Reflections April 15, 2010

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My Blogfire team theme is Reflections this week and I wanted to incorporate it into a little Montage of cool items that I’ve found:

Sterling necklace - Reflected branches by electrofork

A Dog's Reflection of Life PRINT 8x10 by ArtgasmDesign

Reflections in the Pond Ring in Sterling Silver and Green Sapphire, Size 6 by Ggestalt

Business on the go by Viktor Kis

Cinderella. Love story, fairytale, whimsical, magical mirror necklace with swavorski crystal and rosebud by Japonicas

Rustic MIRROR, mirror on the wall - who's the fairest . . . by lichenwoods

"She Walks In Beauty" Classic Poetry Inscribed Ring . order in whole, half and quarter sizes . Add whatever poetry or phrase you like by Christen Largent

In a Pond Darkly - Fine Art Photo - Still Life - Macro - Square Format Photos by theeye


Aromatherapy Eye Pillows March 4, 2010

Eye Pillow - Sophie's Garden in Green by BoutiqueKarma

Last year I expanded my line to include my aromatherapy eye pillows, and honestly they’ve become my best seller item. I made them for a few reasons, the first being that I was nursing my son and I suffered from wicked migraines.  I kept my eye pillow in the freezer and would pop it out on upon demand to soothe, relax and ease the pain. Because during pregnancy & nursing you are not supposed to take anything. My eye pillows are filled with equal parts of flaxseed, lentils and dried lavender flowers. They are absolutely heavenly. I recommend placing them in the freezer for 2 hours for ultimate relief. The lavender scent has a natural ability to soothe and bring upon sleep and relaxation.

I recommend my eye pillows for a great number of things: migraine relief, sinus pain, relaxation, pampering, meditation, bumps & bruises, etc.  You do not need to be pregnant or nursing to benefit from this item. It makes a wonderful gift and is completely natural.

Here’s a few fun facts about lavender:

did you know that Lavender Essential oil

a. has both Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties

b. can soothe and heal mosquito bites

c.  can soothe headaches

d.  can be made into a night-time tea to relax and sleep

e.  can be used to treat burns

f.  is being used frequently in food:  honey, cakes and is used in the popular ‘herbes de provence’ herb blend from France

Eye Pillow - Orchid Roundabout by Boutiquekarma

I’ve also created a line of BoBo Pillows (or boo boo), it is for the little ones who may fall and hurt themselves. They are also made to be cold out of the freezer to soothe all the bumps and bruises that little kids seem to have. Because it is not an actual ice pack, rather a pillow stuffed with flaxseed and a touch of lavender, they are soothing and cold, rather than painfully cold. The lavender also soothes their frazzled nerves. They are just a super popular item with kids.

Pet Deere BoBo Pillow - BoutiqueKarma

Over the coming months I will be extending my Aromatherapy line into a full Spa line to include many bath and body essentials. I will update you with a link to this new shop when I make my new line live.


Crafty Friday – Team Talent January 22, 2010

I’ve been having connectivity issues over the past two days. I hope to have all this resolved before next week. Today I simply want to share a few crafty people from a few of my Teams/Guilds.  I sell on both Etsy and Artfire and would like to give a tiny shout out and exposure to some of my team members.

Crafting In Color Etsy Team – Glamasaurus:

Glamasaurus Valentine Cupcake Necklace is super sweet – I could almost eat it!

Blogfire (Bloggers of Artfire) LuxuryLane

LuxuryLane’s Handmade soaps and soy candles

Canadian Artisans & Designers of Artfire – Sarita Baby

Giraffe Taggy Toy by Sarita Baby

Shops With Less than 10 sales (Artfire) Savage Designs

Techno primitive Recycled Copper and Wood on Silk Necklace by Savage Designs