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Survivor Thursday January 7, 2010

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Out there in blogging land everyone seems to have these really cutesy names for the days of the week. Everyone also seems to have the same one! Well, being the original that I am, I have no clue what to call Thursday. I thought of words that started with the letter T, rhyming words, and came up with NOTHING, NADA – at least not original or a title which could give me some sort of guidance to where I would be going with this.

So, what does Thursday generally mean for me? TV – that simple. Thursday is the one night of television that I have looked forward to for the past 10 years. For me it is Survivor night (and now also Grey’s Anatomy). It is my date night with the dreamy Jeff Probst. I can sit there and drool over him a little, say ‘he’s so cute’ and my husband doesn’t even bat an eye. Ok, the show has lost a lot of its originality, but he’s still on it and it is one hour where I can escape my tribe. Seeing as how everyday, after bed time, I have felt ‘outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed’ by my little children.

Thursday is also the day where I see the finish lineĀ and think ‘ahhh… the weekend is almost here,”just one more day’ – I have Survived!

My Thursday blog will be about little things I do to survive and make it through to the weekend ~ and maybe a few comments about Jeff’s dimples (wink)

What are your little tips for surviving the day? the week? the month?