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Mother's day May 9, 2011

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This year for mother's day I picked up a few gorgeous vintage clay pots from a garage sale and had the children paint them (with washable paint). We then picked a few plants and placed them in the pots for my mom, my mother in law and my grandmother.

I chose a really pretty flower called a 'Fire Witch' in cheddar pink. As a relative of the carnation it has a nice fragrance, the unusual blue grey stems and a gorgeous flower. I did remind the moms that the name of the flower has nothing to do with my feelings towards them. 

Sadly, being the prepared mom that I am (insert snicker here), I neglected to take any photos.


Here's a photo of the flower from Flikr


Firewitch Dianthus


Montage Monday – To Mom with Love May 3, 2010

Here’s another installment of beautiful, functional and lovely handmade items for mom. I found these gorgeous ideas around the popular indie venues:

Mom's Nest (c) - Set of 3 name stones in bird nest by Mom's Nest (c) - sjengraving

Island Lime Handmade Bath Salts 5oz by ConcordSoap

Like Mother Like Daughter Bellissima Hostess Apron Duet in Starling by Bellastyle

Handmade clutch purse - retro flower vines on orange by oktak

Necklace fabric Rose Red Upcycled Eco Friendly Scarf Cotton by alterdelenda

Iphone /Ipod/Cellphone/Camera Case/Cozy/Cover by pomella

Escapee airplant terrarium kit by terradctl by terradctl

Mothers Day Card // The List by PaperMango


Crafty Friday – Mother’s Day ideas for the new Mommy April 30, 2010

Bubble Gum Pink Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Necklace - Prom Queen by GlitzGlitter

Mother, Mom, Mum, Maman, Mutter, Muter, Nana, Moeder, Moer, Màna, Mère, Mommy, Màna, Makuahine, Anya, Fu, Máthair, Madre, Mamma, Okaasan, Haha, Uma, Matka, Mama, Mãe, Mat’, Tina..

it doesn’t matter how you say it, only how you show it:

Sterling and Copper Personalized Four Tag Necklace- Great Option for Mom of Three or Four by MamaBethBling

Wrist Key Chain - Key Fob Wristlet Keychain - Funky Dots by PuppyDogsNPolkaDots

Sales Ends May 9th...FREE SHIPPING on TaTa Tent (Nursing Cover) in Heather Bailey Pop Garden Roses by LucyJaneStudioThe NEW Mini Shopper - Notepad Clutch - Morning Glory by GetSassed

Nipstick by thespoiledmama

The NEW Mini Shopper - Notepad Clutch - Morning Glory by GetSassed


Wishful Wednesday April 14, 2010

Here’s my first edition of Wishful Wednesday – my not so secret anymore items that I’m crushing on (or shops). With Mother’s day around the corner these are things that could be put on my list (ok – a card will probably have to suffice this year).  My first crush is on the dresses of isadoraclothing on Etsy – she has such cute designs in any color under the rainbow. Each dress can be made to look like an entirely new number for different occasions. Never take the same photo again! How fun is that? They are also custom made for you with some of your measurements and the color selection of your choice.

This is my crush for a number of reasons: I love the dresses, I love that it is a Canadian shop, and I have many weddings to attend this summer a few with the same guests. Here is my favorite from her shop, I encourage you to check out her selection of clothing (dresses, gowns and bathing suits!)

Chamelon Dress- Sassy Cut- Custom made by isadoraclothing


Link Love – jYoulry April 10, 2010

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This fabulous Saturday morning I’d like to introduce to you a cute shop found on Artfire – jYOUlry, so pull up your cup of coffee and settle in. Our featured shop jYOUlry is a lovely boutique selling beautiful jewelry that you as the customer can add your own sentimental pictures to. This way you can carry your love ones with you at all times.  Her items are a fabulous gift idea for Mother’s day (don’t forget this is j-u-s-t around the corner).

I just love her shop name – such a cute way to bring the YOU into your jewelry.

Here’s a little bit about our artist:

Lisa is a WAHM (work at home mom), and interior designer who recently relocated to Panama from Florida. She works late into the evening after her children go to sleep (sounds familiar, that’s when I get my work done too). Her jewelry has become a creative outlet since her relocation and I think she has found a very unique item. Her idea was born and inspired by a piece of jewelry she had bought with a photo of her two children, later when she had inquired of ordering a new one the manufacturer was no longer making them.  She felt a need in the market and then created her own creative line of jewelry with unique pieces.

All of her items are quality goods at the perfect price. Each item has your photo permanently sealed into the item of your choice with a water & scratch resistant resin.

Are you a wholesaler looking for something unique, a photographer looking for something special to give with your work or a jewelry designer wanting a special pendant for your custom necklaces? Lisa also sells her silver collection wholesale! You could also be a reseller if you are interested, you just put together the sale and photograph and she’ll send the product to you to distribute to your personal customers.

Please take a moment to check out a small selection picked by me from jYOUrly:

Multi Strand Sterling Silver O Necklace with Photo Pendant by jYoulry

Cuff Bracelet Oval photo by jYoulry

Custom Photo on Solar Eclipse Key Chain, Personalized by jYoulry

Custom Photo Pendant Bracelet with 4 links, Sterling Silver by jYoulry