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Thoughts on the passing of another year.. January 7, 2010

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Every year that passes makes me think of what (if anything) I accomplished in the past year. Many years this just serves to put me into a depression.

This year however, I feel that I accomplished a bit. I opened my first store (on Etsy), pushed long and hard to get a few sales (somehow I believed that ppl would be buying me out of my product right from the get go). With time, and perseverance I started to have a little sales base. I also did some offline selling and by the years end I felt very confident that this coming year would be even better.

My Etsy & Artfire (new) stores were never intentioned to be huge money makers. They were to be a nice pass time, and to pay for some extra activities for the children. They were a way for me to stay home with the children and still feel as though I was making a contribution to the household.

This coming year my plan is to continue pushing both my Etsy & Artfire stores, to work a little harder on maintaining my blog and to work on a few new product lines. I’d like to also search for more craft sales venues and build up my inventory to really bring in a fabulous end of year (pay for the kiddies Christmas gifts).

I hope to have an extended line of Boutique Karma Cafe products available in both my Etsy & Artfire stores by the end of January. As a coffee addict this could be my future passion for my store.

Best Wishes to all – Happy New year!


On a personal note – I’m usually an intensely private person who is very shy. I’m going to try to be a little more outgoing this year and work on my self-image. Here’s to showing the world the ‘real’ me…

Christmas morning in my pjs


New Year – New BoutiqueKarma Blog January 6, 2010

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Hi Followers – whomever you may be.

For the past year I’ve been over at Blogspot, dishing the dirt, updating on my store & future plans. Today I was trying to customize my page and totally failed. I got inspired and decided I liked the pro look of wordpress and decided maybe this was just a sign to make the switch.

Hopefully all of you who have followed me over at my blogspot will switch and add me to their feed, maybe I’ll even pick up a few newbies.

Cheers to change!