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CIC Saturday – Green with Envy June 5, 2010

Leafy Green Earrings - Resin, Pearl and Sterling Silver by earlybirdcreations

I Sea Green - Matching Hair Pins by KimArt

Apple-Green Dottie Apple Playfood / Pincushion by swiedebie

PureBebe Dryer Sachets - Aviary - Set of 2 - 26 Available Scents by BareBebe

Emerald Green Lampwork Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings - Mirage by GlassRiverJewelry

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Montage Monday – Gemini May 31, 2010

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When I think of June I can’t help but think of my Gemini friend & daughter. Wow they are engaging, fun, and e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g, and I say that with love. I remember reading somewhere once that you can only have one Gemini in your life, I have more than one.

I was going to give you an explanation of the character traits of a Gemini, but decided against it. Instead I’ll just share a small paragraph I read on Mystical Blaze about Gemini children. It was like reading a report card on my little girl:

“For those with a Gemini child,  get ready for a ride!  These kids can be sweet, cooperative little angels one moment and infuriating monsters the next.  Gemini children are very verbal and soak information in like sponges.  They therefore tend to master the art of communication quite early, often displaying knowledge beyond their years.  This is a high-strung child with a lot of pent-up energy, so don’t be surprised if your 6-year-old Gemini claims to have “tension headaches” or other physical complaints beyond his years”

Here are some Gemini inspired indies for your viewing pleasure:

Gemini Zodiac Pendant - Handmade Sterling Silver bySStewartJewelleryArt

Zodiac Hand-tooled Leather Hair Ornament, Gemini by TheHermitsGarden

Beige Gemini birth pillow and baby blanket kit, in french, C'est pour le p'tit by OtterburnPQ

Gemini Zodiac Sterling Silver Pendant - Necklace by WireYourWorld

Gemini 3.5mm, a Gimmal Wedding Band in 18k Gold by JewelerOnTheRoof

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CiC Team Saturday – Chocolate! May 29, 2010

Good Morning World!  As you read this I’m probably already out of the house at my first ever soccer game.  My little girl is almost 4 years old and can finally start playing. Her daddy (Mr. BoutiqueKarma) is the volunteer coach for this mini team and their team color is Chocolate (we’ll be calling them the Chipits).

So in my daughter’s honor today’s CiC team Saturday theme is Chocolate (and everything that goes with it).

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Chocolate Flower- Felt ACEO Mini Art- OOAK by pippindesigns

Butterfly Pillow Cover - Brown and Blue - 18 Inch by CottonColors

coffee with cream felted purse by maddy and me designs...large woodland warm cocoa brown grey ivory striated tote with ruffle by maddyandme

Dotted Chocolate Brown Delight Drawer Knob by sweetmixcreations

Emery Pincushion - Oreo, Keep Your Needles Clean and Sharp by NAKPUNAR

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bookmark by glamasaurus


Montage Monday – Budding Beauty April 26, 2010

Ah, Monday, another week beginning. This is the first day of my week, 5 more days until the next weekend, 5 more days until another month.

I remember growing up and my mother telling me ‘time will go so fast when you get older, take your time growing up.’ Was she ever right! I can’t believe that winter already past and that spring is here and the leaves are quickly budding on all the tress and my magnolia which I planted last fall already has a few flowers about to open. Before I know it I will be practically copying this posting to tell you how I can’t believe it is snowing already. I know what you are thinking right now.. shhhhh Tara… don’t jinx it. So, without further ado, here’s my ode to the budding beauty of Spring.

Bee Mine - Set of 6 Small 4 Petal Pinwheels by twirliewhirlies

Yellow Blown Glass Hollow Sterling Silver Crystal Earrings - Lemonade by GlassRiverJewelry

Brilliant Lampwork Bracelet with Sterling Silver by SwirlJewels

wall vase wooden jar AVOCADO GREEN by OldNewAgain

Blooming Lavendar Vegan Cupcake Soap by ajsweetsoap

Pink and White Barn Birdhouse by AmericanGirl51

Poppies by lilypang