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Montage Monday – Valentine’s Blitz February 2, 2010

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Do you love the feeling in the weeks before Valentines day? Do you love strolling through the shopping mall and seeing all the reds, pinks, word of love? It makes me happy, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I also wonder why we need a holiday to show everyone our love of one another. Shouldn’t we show them every day? Give them special kisses and make sure they know? My daughter’s preschool is doing special Valentine’s day activities this week, they are making mailboxes out of tissue boxes and making valentines for one another. Next week they have their special Valentine’s day party.  This brings back memories of Valentine’s day in elementary & high school – it was always a very exciting day for certain girls and boys who received lots of valentines, but also made others feel horrible and left out.  It makes me sad to think of little sensitive souls feeling sad and unloved.

Today’s Montage Monday will be another exciting blitz of love, hearts and Valentines special items – for yourself or that someone special in your life:

What a Hoot Mug Hugger by BoutiqueKarma on Etsy & Artfire

Love Starved Squirrels from TDavio of Etsy

Lingerie Novelty Pillowcase by vabeachquilter on Artfire

Funny Love Valentine by Dandee on Artfire

Kiss Me Necklace by ISewCute on Etsy

Forbidden Apple Original Rock Painting by shebbodesign on Etsy

Padded Drawstring Bag for a knitting or crochet project by ZigZagStitches on Etsy

Gunther the Broken Heart plus - by KittyBallistic on Artfire

Red Flower of Love by CaseyDavis on Etsy

Blowing Bubbles Print by RosyDesignsOnline on Etsy

Peep Simple Souls Birdie Bowl by LoveArtWorks on Etsy

Smitten (for holding hands in the cold) by LoveDriven on Etsy

Owl Always Love you Card by turnarounddesign on Etsy

Be Mine Knitting Markers by hippiechickdesign on Artfire


Crafty Friday – New Valentine’s day goodies January 29, 2010

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Valentine’s day is almost upon us – and I’m a little late getting to the starting gate! For all of you who have yet to buy for your special someone, or wish to add something cute to their wish list – here are a few things that I’ve whipped up and have added to the store today. All items are available at both Artfire & Etsy for your shopping convenience.


Urban Angel Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Forest in Fuchsia Aromatherapy eye pillow

Sophie's Garden aromatherapy eye pillow in fuchsia

What a Hoot aromatherapy eye pillow

Aromatherapy eye pillow in Leann

I can’t help but add this one to my list, it has been in my store for a couple of weeks, but it is perfect for the sewist in your life (or for yourself), it is so fun!

Sew in Love Aromatherapy eye pillow


Montage Monday – Love is in the air January 25, 2010

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Call me silly – naïve and a slave to cultural money-making holidays but I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! I’m not crazy decorate my whole house in pink & red streamers and book a table at the most expensive restaurants. However, I do love the idea of doing something small and personalized for my hubby and have a special day.

Things get a little crazier when you have two kids, babysitters are hard to find on the day itself, but really, you can celebrate on any night.  This year is going to be a little low-key, finances aren’t all that hot and my babysitters are dealing with their own issues, busy globetrotting, afraid to drive in the dark, etc. I’m thinking special night at home with a unique adult dinner menu (no chicken fingers here) with a delectable desert.

Here are a few things from various Indie sources to inspire you:

Love is in the air with sjengraving on Etsy. This unique store does rock engravings of all sorts. Very cool store!

Mon Amour Scrabble tile necklace by CIC team member Jesse Janes

Sea Horses pillow from Alexandra Furgeson's Etsy shop

Love Bandit by Twirliewhirlies (available on Etsy & Artfire)

Custom Dear John Eco-friendly Valentines Card by modernemotive

Valentine's Day personalized return address labels - heart or cupcake - set of 24 by Saratams on Etsy