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Wishful Wednesday – The perfect pedicure June 2, 2010

Ah summer how I love thee (as my feet quiver in fear). There is nothing I enjoy more than heading out to the spa for a full-out pedicure. Sitting in those lovely massaging chairs, with my feet resting daintily in the bubbling foot bath, while chatting with the pedicurist all while sipping on a frothing cappuccino is heaven for me. It’s a slice of bliss and self pampering that only happens in my household once every few months. So yes, I pay the extra 10$ for those extra perks. OMG it is so worth it.

So, since I’m in between sessions and unable to afford the luxury right now, I need some foot therapy. I have my OPI ‘Midnight in Moscow’ waiting for the application. Right now I’m crushing on this pedicure foot therapy and all that it promises right now. My little toes need the TLC.

This week’s crush is Abbey James Co. on Etsy, please check her out:

Fabulous Feet Foot Butter and Spa Socks Set


Wishful Wednesday – Jumbo Hammock Chair May 26, 2010

I saw this item on one of my favorite blogs the other day Paper*Cake Finds and knew right then that this was my newest ‘crush’ item. In Montreal today it is a balmy 32 degrees with 45% humidity making it feel more like 36 (for my American friends this means: 97). It is a real rarity for May weather, considering last summer we only got about 2 weeks of this type of weather during August. So let’s be clear, I am not complaining in the least, I would rather this gorgeous weather than the wet, rainy, cool temperatures from last year. Bring it on!

I would enjoy it a lot more with this Hammock Chair from RiseNShineFarm on Etsy. Everything would look nicer, feel cooler, especially with a small table next to it for my drink *wink*


Tara xoxo

Jumbo Hammock Chair by RiseNShineFarm


Wishful Wednesday – Part deux May 6, 2010

Can I do this? Can I really be this needy (read greedy) and let you all know that I really, really want this:

MODKID STELLA Sewing Pattern by Patty Young-Modern Handbag

All you ‘fans’ of mine who read this blog will probably realize that it links back to last week’s Wishful Wednesday’s Fabricshoppe who also sells fab patterns (who knew?). I really want to try my hand at this bag, it looks so cute and fun and will let me test out some new skills.  The pattern is actually by one of my favorite fabric designers Patty Young. The flora & fauna fabric just looks luscious on the bags. The one I’d love to make is the black/white version shown in this pic:

Of course this would mean, pattern, new fabric, etc… so hubby if you are reading this. Ahem… just ask Jody what I need.

Tara xoxo


Wishful Wednesday – DreamCraft May 5, 2010

Scrapbook or Craft Room Project Table by dreamcraftnh

I found this beauty the other day while surfing around for organization ideas. As a crafty flake,  my crafting space is a little chaotic. I have stuff folded in rubber-maid containers, finished products packaged in wicker display baskets, but I don’t have any cute shelving or proper cubbyholes or labels. I long for a great creative space. Honestly, could this gorgeous crafting center fit into my space? nope, not unless we did some major renovating (hmmmm….). I love all the sheer pullout drawers that allow you to see inside, the vanilla bean paint, the butcher block top, ahhh.. so beautiful. My crush.

Let me show you the other side, it actually gets better. I was expecting nothing but a flat vanilla back, but voila – shelves!! dreamcraftnh allows the buyer to customize their craft center by sending a convo with your needs, wants and ideas. They will even send the product unfinished to allow you to make it your own.

Show dreamcraftnh a little blog love today and stop by her shop and give her some faves – it is a relatively new shop.


Wishful Wednesday – FabricShoppe April 28, 2010

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Why not include a supply shop? I love this shop and frequent it often. I love fabric, I love the feel of it, the different color ways, the designs. I’ve become a wee bit of a fabric addict/junkie. There are so many different reasons that make each unique and perfect for a certain creation. Many fabrics become part of my beloved stash, waiting for the perfect pattern. Right now I’m at a place where I need to use my stash before I purchase anything new. It almost saddens me because I love receiving new stuff in my mailbox. Often from the Fabricshoppe.

Once upon a time I laughed at my mother and grandmother for their stashes of fabric, and when my mother bought my Nana a mug with the slogan ‘She who dies with the most fabric wins!’

There are some great fabric shops online, but let me tell you what I love about the Fabricshoppe and continue to return: Jody is a fabulous seller with a super big heart, she runs a blog with tips and features ‘Everyday Beautiful’. She also sells a huge variety of fabric for all tastes.  The best part (for myself anyhow) is that she has a great selection of small pieces of fabric – fat quarters and a section of scrap packs called ‘surprise in my mailbox’. Oh, did I forget to mention she has a sale fat quarter each week for only $1? Yup, $1! If you follow her on twitter she often has other great promos and offers for her customers.

Here’s some of my top picks from her shop:

Build Your Fabric Stash-LARGE Surprise Fat Quarter Bundle of 16- SAVE

Andrea Victoria Fabric by Mind's Eye for Riley Blake- Yard Bundle, 5 total

SALE A Surprise In My Mailbox- Scrap pack of designer fabrics (9-15 different fabrics, depending on weight)

Girly Lagoon Fabric by Michael Miller-Fat Quarter Bundle-5 total